Bulls for Sale

2nd Annual Bull Sale
March 9, 2020

Heartland Regional Stockyards, Plainville, Kansas at 1:00PM

Past Sales

High Sellers from 2019

D A R Payweight S975, high selling bull in the 2019 Inaugural Bull Sale for $8,500

D A R 316 Capitalist S912, 2nd high selling bull in 2019 for $7,250

D A R Leupold S957”, 3rd high selling bull in 2019, for $7,000

D A R Payweight S981, 4th high selling bull in 2019 for $6,750

Not Pictured

D A R Horsepower S903, sold at Midland Bull Test, became the highest selling bull in the history of our program to fellow Kansas breeder, Lundgren Angus Ranch, Gove, Ks. S903 turned in a 120 Avg. Daily Gain Ratio with his 106 ratio for Efficiency. He was used in our AI program and we expect his first calve in Spring 2020.

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