Herd Sires

S S Webster J83
Registration Number: 20001799
Date of Birth: December 23, 2020
Sire: S S Niagara Z29
Dam: Ann S S B103

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S S Webster J83 was one our selections from the 2022 Midland Bull Test sale. Webster came to us from Stewart Select Angus, Indiana. This impressive young herd sire performed near the top of the list in terms of gain as he turned in a ADG ratio of 114 among some very stiff competition. His lineage speaks for itself when looking for high production females as his Pathfinder dam has recorded a nursing ration of 6@102 while his Pathfinder grand dam 7@107. When looking at Webster’s 3-generation pedigree one will find that there are 10 Pathfinders.

Granger Pacific 112
Registration Number: 20147744
Date of Birth: February 13, 2021
Sire: Sterling Pacific 904
Dam: Granger Pride Rachel 685

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Granger Pacific 112 is a phenotypic standout that we picked out of the Granger Angus pen at the 2022 Midland Bull Test. This Sterling Pacific son is a true outcross for our program that is extremely balanced from both an EPD and phenotype standpoint. He adds extra power and muscle in a low birthweight sire. He was on display as a calf on the 2021 Montana Angus Tour and was a crowd favorite. His dam, Pride 685, also produced the high performance and efficiency sire, Granger Black Eagle 822, in the 2019 Midland Test.

Craft Fortune 104
Registration Number: 20100112
Date of Birth: January 9, 2021
Sire: Deer Valley Growth Fund
Dam: Craft Merle 141-751

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Craft Fortune is a Growth Fund son that is expected to add some power and stoutness to his progeny. He was one of our pick from the pen of Les Craft Angus, MT at the 2022 Midland Bull Test. His Windy Ridge dam has turned in 2@106 for NR and his Really Windy granddam has produced 7@100. Fortune is the highest performance bull that we’ve ever had in our herd sire lineup.

Molitor Swiftbrook 901
Registration Number: 20215073
Date of Birth: February 8, 2021
Sire: Ferguson Trailblazer 239E
Dam: Molitor Bank Pwrhouse728-984

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Molitor Swiftbrook was our top pick as the Lot 1 bull in the 2022 Molitor Angus Ranch Sale, Zenda, Kansas. Swiftbrook is a unique herd sire with powerful confirmation of muscle, depth, and correctness. He is very athletic in his type with great feet/legs and an easy moving ground consuming stride. He is named Swiftbrook as he stems back to George of Swiftbrook on both sides of his pedigree. He has the influence of all of the great sires used in the Molitor herd. He’s a true curve-bender bull with negative BW EPD matched with superior growth and added carcass merit qualities. He weaned off the cow with an impress 118 ratio, continued to have a 114 yearling ratio, with an ADG ratio of 109.

D A R Gunslinger R177
Registration Number: 18965558
Date of Birth: January 9, 2017
Sire: L/R Colt 45 3045
Dam: Summitcrest Elba 1Y90
Semen Available: : $20/Unit

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Gunslinger was retained from our 2018 Private Treaty Sale and put to work by natural service in our program. His first set of bulls for sale were at our 2nd Annual Bull Sale on March 9, 2020 and they were recognized as crowd favorites. He is siring sound made bulls with power and mass. He is a minus birthweight bull that will be introduced into our AI program in the Spring 2020. Outstanding phenotype in the Gunslinger progeny.

D A R Gunslinger 1334, Purchased by Justin Hogan, Ks in our 2022 Bull Sale.

D A R Longmire T055, Owned with McClaren Angus, Fowler, Ks. 4th high selling bull in the 2020 Dix Angus Bull Sale.

D A R Gunslinger T056, Colton Clausen, Kansas

D A R Solomon Valley
Registration Number: 19647946
Date of Birth: 3/24/2019
Sire: D A R Hoover Dam N944
Dam: D A R Rita M7399
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D A R Solomon Valley is a powerfully built herd sire with tremendous carcass traits. He is the highest $C bull with have on the ranch that derived from two of the great Pathfinder sires, Hoover Dam and Styles Upgrade. His first set of calves will be offered in the 2023 bull sale. Look for his sons to power up a set of cows.

D A R Turbo R146
Registration Number: 18900778
Date of Birth: February 25, 2017
Sire: S A V Resource 1441
Dam: D A R Maxine P104

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Turbo is a product of one of the best flushes we’ve ever seen on the ranch. Out of the great P104 cow that has had an early start in producing outstanding progeny for us and we can’t wait to see what the future holds. TURBO is a S A V Resource 1441 son than is unmatched from an EPD standpoint among all other Resource sons in the breed. He posts a double digit CED with a +1.1 BW EPD and TOP 1% on YW EPD. Also a Resource son with carcass merit. We look for an exciting future for this bull working in our pastures. TURBO sired the highest selling bull in the history of our program in his first progeny, D A R Propel T085 of $14,500 to Molitor Angus Ranch, Zenda, Kansas.

D A R Propel T085
Owned With Molitor Angus Ranch, Kansas. $14,500 High selling bull in the 2020 Dix Angus Bull Sale.


Registration Number: 18033745
Date of Birth: February 14, 2014
Sire: HARB Stur-D 191 JH
Dam: HARB Princess Vel 980 JH
Owned With: Harrison Angus Ranch, Boyd, MT
Semen: Available through Dix Angus Ranch

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Hindquarter was the Dix Angus Ranch top selection at the 2015 Midland Bull Test, where he was the 5th highest selling bull. His sire, HARB Stur-D, was the high selling bull at the 2012 Midland Bull Test for $50,000. Stur-D has produced the high gaining bull on the Fairview Ranch grass grain feed test each of the last three years. Hindquarter’s dam is an exceptional footed cow in addition to being very docile. She is a 2nd generation Pathfinder and is a maternal sister to the Genex Pathfinder sire HARB Denali 788 JH. She has posted a progeny record of BW 6 at 95, WW 6 at 114, YW 4 at 110, RE 2 at 107.

HINDQUARTER has proven to be everything we thought he would be, and more. His progeny records: Birth Ratio: 99, Weaning Ratio: 103, Yearling Ratio 101 while he his daughters carry a 103 nursing ratio. SEMEN AVAILABLE AT BEEF-360

D A R Fundamental R101, Son. High Selling Bull in 2018 to McClaren Livestock LLC, Fowler, Kansas

Son, D A R Emerge T039, Owned with Craig Doane, KS

D A R Hindquarter R114, Son. Verl Muir, Stockton, Kansas

Dam: HARB Princess Vel 980 JH

Sire: HARB Stur-D 191 JH

Hindquarter in his summer work clothes

D A R Midnight 6050
Registration Number:18574077
Date of Birth: February 20, 2016
Sire: Connealy Black Granite
Dam: Hedgewood Rita 301
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Midnight 6050 was a bull we retained from the 2016 calf crop and he has done very good things in a short time. A “sleep all night” heifer bull with his +15 CED and -2.5 BW EPD that he earned with a progeny BW ratio of 92. In addition to that he holds a Weaning ratio of 102 through his first to calf crops. He produced the 2nd high indexing bull in the 2020 Midland Bull Test as well as the 5th high ADG sire group among 650 bulls on test.

D A R Midnight S017, Verlan Brummer, Kansas

D A R Midnight T121, Marilyn Aupperle, Oklahoma

D A R Midnight T099, Bar D Ranch, Kansas

D A R Resolution R106
Registration Number: 18900706
Date of Birth: January 27, 2017
Sire: KG Solution 0018
Dam: Molitor FA Blackbird 878-046
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D A R Resolution R106, was the LEAD-OFF BULL at Midland Bull Test in 2018.  A big thanks to Schurrtop Ranch, Farnam, Nebraska for your purchase. Resolution posted a -5.09 RFI to Ratio 131 and 4.17 ADG to Ratio 128.  He was used in our AI program in the spring of 2018 as well as Schurrtop.

D A R Resolution T102, Kaid McKenna, Kansas


AI Sires for 2023 Sale

D A R Logo 1287
Registration Number: 20233662
View pedigree and EPDs.

D A R Propel T085
Registration Number: 19612156
View pedigree and EPDs.

Spring Cove Reno 4021
Registration Number:17926446
View pedigree and EPDs.

D A R Resolution R106
Registration Number: 18900706
View pedigree and EPDs.

KM Broken Bow 002
Registration Number: 16764044
View pedigree and EPDs.

U-2 Coaltion 206C
Registration Number: 18626847
View pedigree and EPDs.

Woodhill Complete A130-C2
Registration Number: 18248948
View pedigree and EPDs.

GDAR Leupold 298
Registration Number: 17228402
View pedigree and EPDs.

Casino Bomber N33
Registration Number: 18658677
View pedigree and EPDs.

Mead Perseverance R1266
Registration Number: 19162202
View pedigree and EPDs.

BJ Surpass
Registration Number: 19774516
View pedigree and EPDs.

Heiken Broadview
Registration Number: 19421003
View pedigree and EPDs.

Sitz Commerce 670F
Registration Number: 19078171
View pedigree and EPDs.

D A R Stockton 0101
Registration Number: 19961784
View pedigree and EPDs.

S A V Crush 0935
Registration Number: 19852819
View pedigree and EPDs.

Baldridge Flagstone F411
Registration Number: 19478642
View pedigree and EPDs.

HA Cowboy Up 5405
Registration Number: 18286467
View pedigree and EPDs.

Pyramid Jameson 9212
Registration Number: 19675327
View pedigree and EPDs.

Koupals B&B Pathfinder 8106
Registration Number: 19274968
View pedigree and EPDs.

S Thrive JAS 5155
Registration Number: 18159105
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